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Effective Ways of Setting Goals for Weight Loss

How you should set your weight loss goals

Weight loss is a process of attempting to get rid of some pounds in your body so as to stay healthier and fitter. 

In the process, you avoid associated obesity conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

So the method of setting goals is pretty easy. However, several people tend to fail to follow the right procedure. 

It all starts with a mission statement. In this case, it is weight loss- the core statement of all our blogs. 

The mission statement guides the overall objective that you ought to be positioning your goals to.

Having that in mind, the goals must be targeting this mission statement. 

Your Weight loss goals should have at least these characteristics;

a) Attainable

All the goals you set must be attainable. For instance, you can’t plan your weight loss program by beginning to run twenty-one kilometers every single day. That may be a wrong move. 

Begin by walking one kilometer daily until you get used to it.

Then you begin running as your body adjusts to changes in the burn of calories.

b) Specific

Your goals must be specific, concrete, and measurable action that tells you what your goals appear like in real-life terms.

For example, if you need to overcome emotional eating, you wish to have a food journal. 

Spend your time to create one and have time to counter-check if you are sticking by the journal in your intake habits.

c) Challenging

The goals you set must be realistic and fit your current capabilities. Your goals must be progressive in nature. Begin with short-term, go to intermediate, and finally to long-term goals.

If you concentrate on your future goals while not considering short-term goals, you’ll become less determined and quit the process of losing weight

For instance, you wish to be drinking six glasses of water daily. If you start drinking six glasses on the first day, you’ll get bored and will stop doing that after a couple of days. 

You have to identify that activity that can cause you to lose water, for example sweating. Let us say, running for two kilometers. Sure that can cause you to sweat and you’ll begin craving for water.

d) Time-limited

The goals you set should have a date line. 

Successful goals must have specific deadlines. if you do not achieve the goals set over that period for different reasons, set another dateline and put more effort into attaining it.

e) Flexible

The goals that you just set must be versatile. Nothing in this world can stay the same forever, and an efficient goal must be adjustable and adapt to the dynamic surroundings. 

Finally, action toward your mission depends on your attitude. Your attitude must be positive. Your goals must be specific and in a progressive manner.

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