Habits That Will Scale Back Your Metabolism

Skipping Breakfast | Eating Breakfast Stuffed With Carbohydrate | Sitting Too Much | Getting Fewer Proteins | Getting Less Sleep | Drinking Less Quantity Of Water

Drinking of less quantity of water leads to low body metabolism

Research study has shown that body metabolism reduces as one gets older. However, beside age there are some habits that tend to scale back body metabolism.

Here is a list of habits that have been studied and proved to be the factors leading to lower metabolism rates. You need to avoid them.

a) Skipping breakfast.

Eating a nutritious breakfast stimulates the body’s metabolism. This burns down calories throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast can highly contribute to a low metabolism rate.

b) Eating breakfast stuffed with carbohydrate

Breakfast needs to be stuffed with protein and a smaller amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates like bread have a tone of calories that is against our objective of increasing metabolism.

You should eat breakfast that has more proteins like eggs and fiber.

c) Sitting too much

“Sitting for long periods is believed to slow metabolism,” this is according to UK’s National Health Service. Sitting too much affects the body’s ability to control blood glucose, pressure level and break down body fat.

Therefore it is advisable to avoid long period sitting when it is not necessary. Get yourself busy by doing something constructive instead.

d) Getting fewer proteins

Proteins help in building muscles. Muscles play a major role in the metabolism process. Proteins also require a lot of energy to be broken down than it is needed in carbs and fats. Therefore, additional calories are burnt throughout digestion period.

e) Getting less sleep

Studies have shown that continuous inadequate sleep results in low metabolism and hormonal imbalances. Make sure you have enough sleep so as to increase the metabolism rate.

f) Drinking less quantity of water

Research has shown that drinking atleast two glasses of water per day increases the metabolism rate by 30 percentage. 

Thus drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day not only keeps you hydrated but also attain an improved metabolism rate.