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Have 60 Plus Pounds to Lose, Here is Where to Start

Steps to follow when you want to reduce over 60 pounds of weight

An ideal body weight loss depends on several factors like hormones, current weight, height and body frame, medical conditions, and more. These factors are to be considered when your doctor has recommended you to cut 60 pounds.

A pathway to reduce such amount of weight entails some serious work to be done. However, the effort is worth it at the end of the day. It will reduce the chances of getting conditions associated with obesity like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

A clear guideline is needed to succeed in the process. Here are some of the key steps that weight-loss experts and body fitness experts have recommended to anyone who needs to shed 60-plus pounds.

a) Be Patient

‘’Slow weight loss is sustainable weight loss,’’ that is according to fitness coach Julia Buckley. She further recommended that if you want to lose such amount of weight you need to lose at least one to two pounds per week.

Keep in mind that you will lose weight faster in the first couple of weeks and it gets harder as time goes by. Don’t be frustrated by that, adjust well and you will see good results in the end.

And remember that you can’t lose recommendable weight without a strict doctor’s supervision.

b) Find a Right mentor

It is said that a tough journey becomes easier when you have the right person beside you; to hold you when you are stuck or when you need guidance. The same analogy applies to weight loss, look for one that can really extend their hand to you. Who are willing to pin their skin through the process in order for you to be fit and slimmer. These individuals could be your friend who has been through the same or someone who has been on a weight-loss program.

c) Know what to Eat

Follow a strict diet. Do not eat anything that you find on the table. Be very disciplined in your eating. Cheese here and a sip of milkshake there will add some extra calories to your body that will add up in weeks and months, interfering with your 60-plus pounds to lose.

 Have a well-written food journal that will guide you through the process. Let your family members help in avoid foods that are not included in the journal. Execute that until it becomes a habit.

d) Don’t major on a scale only.

Weight loss isn’t about scale alone. Do not neglect the bonuses that come along like positive vibes and good moods. Consider how healthy you have become since you kicked off the process.

e) Mix up your Workouts

 Losing up to 60 pounds over the course of the program is not easy. At the start of the program, you will see a drop in weight but as time passes, you will find it hard to further reduce any more weight. When such happens you will have to change the habits you had developed over the period. Constant adjustments are required to ensure you get the desired weight-loss figure.

f) Focus on your strength

Do not be over-excited about how many calories you lose per week or month. Instead, focus on how much stronger you are becoming when you are losing weight. Relish on the by-products of activity and strength, like confidence, wellness, and ultimately a healthy weight.

g) Build on good habits at a time

Building good weight loss habits all start with a single habit. For instance, taking water instead of soda will help you reduce weight. Start with those small habits that you can manage before advancing to hard activities. These little activities will contribute to making you fitter, and lighter and set you ready to go to the next healthy habit.

While losing 60 pounds may not be as easy as gaining it, the right strategies, support, and outlook will bring your weight-loss goal within reach.

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