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Healthy Resolutions that will Result in Weight Loss

Healthy Resolutions that will Result in Weight Loss
Be Active | Spend Longer In Sunshine | Read A Book A Month | Cook For Yourself A Lot | Volunteer A Lot In Your Community | Reduce Your Time With Your Computer/Phone Screens | Try To Meditate Every Single Day | Try Something New Daily
Healthy Resolutions that will Result in Weight Loss

Take time to reflect on last year, what do you see or remember?. Have you added, reduced or maintained your weight? did you engage in a serious workout?

The new approach you should adopt this year has to be distinctive and well planned.

Here is a list of activities that you need to get yourself into. You will be excited to see a shed off those extra pounds and become healthier before this new year ends.

a) Be Active

If you’ve had a busy week for instance, offer yourself some time to spend on a cheerful activity. This can help you have a calming night and catch abreast of sleep.

b) Spend longer in sunshine

Studies have shown that natural lights tend to extend 5-hydroxytryptamine levels that elevate your moods.

The more you do this the more you’ll feel calmer and get a better sleep.

c) Read a book a month

Reading or watching a motivational kind of material every night before bed facilitates a reduction in stress levels. This successively contributes to high quality sleep.

d) Cook for yourself A lot

Try cooking yourself food at the comfort of your home. Cook for your family. Avoid purchasing already cooked food. 

Cooking is fun, begin slowly; for instance, start with breakfast as you advanced to cooking supper.

This will not only be economical but also you are likely to consume fewer calories. This way to get to our main goal of loosing weight.

f) Volunteer a lot in your community

Join that group of guys who volunteer to plant trees or collect trash close to your area. This can be a decent way to give back to your society and increase your physical activity engagement level.

Studies have further disclosed that volunteering can improve your mental state as well as decrease the lowliness.

g) Reduce your time with your computer/ phone screens.

Research has shown that spending plenty of your time on screen has negative effects on the brain. 

At least for an hour place your phone off and think about a lot of productive activities outside.

h) Try to meditate every single day.

Start meditating from a minimum of ten minutes on a daily basis progressively. Meditation helps in alleviating anxiety, muscle and joint pain, stress, and more.

i) Try something new daily

Try something new that you notice across your lane. Even cooking that vegetable or eating that fruit you have never eaten before.

Try it, it cost you nothing to try-try a brand new activity in the New Year. 

Getting outside of your comfort zone helps you produce healthy habits and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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