Have 60 Plus Pounds to Lose, Here is Where to Start

Be Patient | Find A Right Mentor | Know What To Eat | Don't Major On Scale Only | Mix Up Your Workouts | Focus On Your Strength | Build On Good Habits At A Time
Steps to follow when you want to reduce over 60 pounds of weight

An ideal body weight loss depends on several factors like hormones, current weight, height and body frame, medical conditions and more. These factors are to be considered when your doctor has recommended you to cut 60 pounds.

A pathway to reduce such amount of weight entails some serious work to be done. However, the effort is worth at the end of the day. It will reduce the chances of getting conditions associated with obesity like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc.

A clear guideline is needed to succeed in the process. Here are some of the key steps that weight-loss experts and body fitness experts have recommended to anyone who needs to shed off 60 plus pounds.

a) Be Patient

‘’Slow weight loss is sustainable weight loss,’’ that is according to fitness coach Julia Buckley. She further recommended that if you want to loose such amount of weight you need to lose at least one to two pounds per week.

Keep in mind that you will loose weight faster in the first couple of weeks and it gets harder as time goes by. Don’t be frustrated by that, adjust well and you will see good results in the end.

And remember that you can’t loose recommendable weight without strict doctor’s supervision.

b) Find a Right mentor

It is said that a tough journey become easier when you have the right person beside you; to hold you when you are stuck or when you need guidance. The same analogy applies to weight loss, look for one that can really extend their hand to you. Who are willing to pin their skin through the process in order for you to be fit and slimmer. These individuals could be your friend who have been through the same or someone who have been on weight-loss program.

c) Know what to Eat

Follow a strict diet. Do not eat anything that you find on the table. Be very disciplined in your eating. Cheese here and a sip of milkshake there will add some extra calories in your body that will add up in weeks and months, interfering with your 60 plus pounds to loose.

 Have a well written food journal that will guide you through the process. Let your family members help in avoiding foods that are not included in the journal. Execute that until it becomes a habit.

d) Don’t major on scale only.

Weight loss isn’t about scale alone. Do not neglect the bonuses that comes along like positive vibes and good moods. Consider how healthy you have become since you kicked off the process.

e) Mix up your Workouts

 Losing up to 60 plus pounds over the course of the program is not easy. At the start of the program, you will see a drop in weight but as time pass, you will find it hard to further reduce any more weight. When such happens you will have to change the habits you had developed over the period. Constant adjustments are required to ensure you get the desired weight-loss figure.

f) Focus on your strength

Do not be over-excited about how much calories you loose per week or month. Instead focus on how much stronger you are becoming when you are lo0sing weight. Relish on the by-products of activity and strength, like confidence, wellness and ultimately a healthy weight.

g) Build on good habits at a time

Building good weight loss habits all start with a single habit. For instance, taking water instead of soda will help you reduce weight. Start with those small habits that you can manage before advancing to hard activities. These little activities will contribute to making you fitter, lighter and set you ready to go to the next healthy habit.

While loosing 60 pounds may not be as easy as gaining it, the right strategies, support and outlook will bring your weight-loss goal within reach.

3 Easy Steps that is That Will Facilitate Quicker and Faster Weight Loss

Cut Back The Intake Of Sugar And Starches | Eat Fat, Proteins And Vegetables | Lift Weights More Often
Fruits and Vegetables help to reduce weight loss

Most people find it even hard to start something. I were like you before if you are reading this article.

I did know where o start the process. It was like climbing a mountain. It was tough and seemed complex.

Here is a few list of steps that are simple and easy to do. I started with this and since it worked. There is high probability that you will see some positive feedback from your body as well

a) Cut back the intake of sugar and starches.

Removing sugar and starches (carbs) from your diet can cut back your appetency, lower your sugar level in your body, and create your lose weight without hunger.

b) Eat fat, proteins and vegetables.

Each one of your meals should contain protein sources, fat sources, and vegetable sources. Fat sources include butter, avocado oil, copra oil, and oil.
Protein sources include meat, eggs, and fish, and food.

Low-carb vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Swiss chard, lettuce, cucumber, etc.

Ensure that your meal includes the 3 mixtures, as this can place you within the 20-50 gram carb range and considerably lower your hunger levels.

c) Lift weights more often.

The best issue is to be a gymnasium guest more often and do some resistance coaching like weight lifting.

If that is not a choice, cardio workouts are effective.

Lifting in the Gym helps to reduce weight and build muscle

Give a short those few items and return back to look at more advance strategies you can use to counter the weight loss graph that tend to plateau when you are on the journey.

How to Overcome Common Weight-Loss Barriers

Self Doubt | Fear Of Failure | Boredom | Not Seeing Results Quick Enough | Comparing Yourself To Others
How to overcome Weight loss Barrier

"I got the perfect plan this time. Am starting my workout to loose 30 pounds in the next 4 months.  This will be my food journal. That is my daily exercise routine." You tell yourself. Yes, you have embarked on the same program you tried the other time. This time you are determined to achieve your target.

So the program starts and you do as per the plan for the first couple of days. Then, everything is going just fine as you are sticking to the rules of the game. You are avoiding high-calorie foods, You are walking to school, mall and work place, you are doing most of the house chores by yourself. The train has just left the station and you are starting to loose some pounds. How is that not exciting.

Then distraction slowly creeps in through the voices in you telling you how this food is so boring, you don’t have time to walk to work. You miss a ride downtown in your luxurious machine. You realize how you need to put more effort to your duties and studies.The craving of that cheese in the fridge drives you crazy and within no time the weight you once lose start encroaching. Does this sound familiar to you?

An unpleasant barrier noew builds between you and achieving a long lasting weight-loss. These are just mental barriers that you developed over the course of the journey. Therefore, our gospel today is of breaking those barriers.

The step towards achieving a sustainable weight-loss is through self-awareness. Understanding that you have an obstacle that is actually dragging you each time you try to shade those pounds off. The solution is to create a plan that will suit your lifestyle and help you achieve a long term weight loss.

Here is a list of mental barriers suitable for any weight loss candidate. You need to be aware of how you will follow the set plan. If you do overcome, you win the game.

a) Self-doubt

Perhaps you think that you don’t have skill and experience to start the program. If you have this kind of mentality, you already have a mental barrier that you need to deal with before taking the next step.

A wellness couch, personal trainer or dietician comes in handy with the relevant information to your case. The professional guys will give you a road map and keep you in the track throughout the process. You can also read articles, blogs and magazines that guide on weight loss topics.

b) Fear of failure

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right,” Henry Ford said.  Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on small success that will contribute to your final success.

The best way to overcome failure is to experience success.

c) Boredom

Once you have found a suitable weight plan ensure that it is very flexible and you become as creative as possible. Put in your schedule a new thing every single moment. Eat those vegetables and fruits you have never eaten before. Enroll in gym classes that are new to keep your muscles guessing the next workout.

d) Not seeing results quick enough

Weight loss is a process and expected results take time. It needs patience and a dedicated mind. A steady and slow process will lead to long lasting results. Do not be gravitated by short term results as that might disappoint you in the long run. Remember that weight loss is not measured by scale alone. For instance, it can be measured by how much better you can climb stairs among others.

e) Comparing yourself to others

The most demotivating thing in life is comparing yourself to fellow friends. It is a risk you dont want to take cause it is negative in itself. The best way to check on your performance is by comparing your current self to the old you. Comparing how much you weigh this month to how much you weighed the last couple of months. That’s where you started. Focus only on your progress and believe in the process towards your end goal.

is it too overwhelming and you do know where to start?

Developing sustainable habits that will propel a healthy lifestyle takes effort and commitment. And it all starts when you identify your current problem and set your final objectives. Making the first step requires effort and it takes discipline to continue practicing the same healthy habits. Start with small steps and advance to the most advanced exercises as your body adjust.

In addition, your goal to reduce weight have to be "I SHOULD" and not "I WANT". There should be no reason under the sun to stop you from working towards your weight loss goals.

Success is a thing that motivates every human being. Ensure you reward yourself for every single milestone you achieve in the process. Regardless of the amount of change.

Do no listen to negative critics. It is often very tempting to give up when people who are close to you don’t offer the required support. Trust yourself and know that you are fully responsible for what you want in your life. No one will walk down that journey for you. Keep going for that great process in your precious life.

Successful Weight Loss Strategies

Set Goals | | Get A Team Of Friends To Help You | Focus On Everyday Habits | Keep Learning | Have Fun Of The Process | Put It On A Paper
Weight loss Strategies that will help you in your Weigh loss Journey

Having a sustainable strategy helps you manage your body weight. This is indeed something that you need if you are determined to reduce weight.

Some strategies that we at times set are not sustainable and they do not keep us on track for long.

Here are a few clear things to put into consideration in order to achieve positive weight cut results.

a) Set Goals.

Setting goals means having something that you want to achieve in a specific period of time. In our case, weight loss can never happen overnight. It is a process that needs a plan and discipline.

Start by setting simple goals progressively and end your plan with greater long term goals.

b) Start Small.

You can not start by expecting to lose 20 lbs on the kick-off of the process. For sure that can’t happen. When you are working on weight loss, you start by losing small weight per day, let’s say 1 lbs per day. This is reasonable and achievable.

c) Get a team of friends to help you.

People who share with their close friends or relatives tend to succeed than people who don’t. After having a clear plan of how you will work out the process, tell your close friends so that they can keep you on track.

Friends and relatives will have stories to share with you on the subject matter.

Most people tend to fear being laughed at because of failure. Hence they prefer to keep what they intend to do to themselves.

However, this should not be the case. Find supportive friends and family who will keep you going.

d) Focus on everyday habits.

Habits are developed in 21 days while lifestyles are well developed after 90 days.

Start with small habits, be disciplined and consistent during the process. Soon enough, you will be on the right track eating and doing things that will contribute to your weight loss.

e) Keep Learning.

Once you have identified items that you need to keep doing in order to reduce weight, do not stop learning.

Look for people who have experienced the same and became successful. Go to the internet to see what other people are doing.

Studies have shown that successful people keep learning new things. Keep learning new ways of how to reduce weight.

f) Have fun of the process

Weight loss should not be taken as a punishment. Make it enjoyable. Join cycling or athletic clubs. Subscribe to weekly magazines.

Get yourself some work out an outfit for the process and enjoy the process.

g) Put it on a paper.

Finally, put everything in a paper. And ensure that you keep following. Monitor the results every week as you adjust where appropriate.

In conclusion, if you follow these guidelines you will be able to achieve your target.

Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating

Identify What Triggers You To Eat | Strengthen Your Coping Mechanism | Evaluate Your Life Balance | Examine You Eating Habits | Eating With Enjoyment
Ways to overcome Emotional Eating

Food may be tied to emotions and memories. The best step towards distinguishing if emotions are affecting you is by creating awareness towards eating habits.

Here are 5 steps that that are going to help you counter emotion eating:

a) Identify what triggers you to eat

Ask yourself what's causing you to overeat. Is it anxiety, stress or boredom? Are you lonely or depressed? How does this feel like?

When you acknowledge what your trigger is, you have to try and arrange for its mitigation. For example, if loneliness is your trigger then you have to plan a meet-up and turn up.

If anger triggers you to eat, find appropriate ways to calm yourself down instead of food. In anyway food have never been the solution for anger.

b) Strengthen your coping mechanism

Once you have established what triggers you to overeating, think of alternative choices available.

If for instance, you're feeling like eating when you are lonely, consider available options like-reading books, exercising, or meditating. Find the simplest activity for you.

c) Evaluate your life balance

Feeling bored, tired? These are some of the contributing factors to your emotional eating. If you've got a couple of minutes to spare, do some physical activities around as they facilitate your overcoming. 

Place hobbies to your daily schedule. It refreshes you beside helping you reduce weight as it will increase the burning of calories in your body

d) Examine you Eating Habits

Having a low body glucose level will negatively impact on your moo. This causes an individual to indulge in less healthy food decisions. 

Ensure you’re providing your body with enough energy to power your day.

e) Eat with Enjoyment

To minimize mindless uptake think about the foods you’re eating and describe them silently using adjectives. 

For example, is that food sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, sour, spicy, hard, or soft? Allowing yourself to taste and describe the food helps you slow down and enjoy it mindfully.

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