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Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating

Ways to overcome Emotional Eating
Identify What Triggers You To Eat | Strengthen Your Coping Mechanism | Evaluate Your Life Balance | Examine You Eating Habits | Eating With Enjoyment
Ways to overcome Emotional Eating

Food may be tied to emotions and memories. The best step towards distinguishing if emotions are affecting you is by creating awareness towards eating habits.

Here are 5 steps that that are going to help you counter emotion eating:

a) Identify what triggers you to eat

Ask yourself what’s causing you to overeat. Is it anxiety, stress or boredom? Are you lonely or depressed? How does this feel like?

When you acknowledge what your trigger is, you have to try and arrange for its mitigation. For example, if loneliness is your trigger then you have to plan a meet-up and turn up.

If anger triggers you to eat, find appropriate ways to calm yourself down instead of food. In anyway food have never been the solution for anger.

b) Strengthen your coping mechanism

Once you have established what triggers you to overeating, think of alternative choices available.

If for instance, you’re feeling like eating when you are lonely, consider available options like-reading books, exercising, or meditating. Find the simplest activity for you.

c) Evaluate your life balance

Feeling bored, tired? These are some of the contributing factors to your emotional eating. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, do some physical activities around as they facilitate your overcoming. 

Place hobbies to your daily schedule. It refreshes you beside helping you reduce weight as it will increase the burning of calories in your body

d) Examine you Eating Habits

Having a low body glucose level will negatively impact on your moo. This causes an individual to indulge in less healthy food decisions. 

Ensure you’re providing your body with enough energy to power your day.

e) Eat with Enjoyment

To minimize mindless uptake think about the foods you’re eating and describe them silently using adjectives. 

For example, is that food sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, sour, spicy, hard, or soft? Allowing yourself to taste and describe the food helps you slow down and enjoy it mindfully.

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